Organization and commitment

In this episode, chair Sharon Fehr explains how the community organizes itself democratically.

He talks about the voluntary and full-time commitment of the members, and what important tasks the members perform for the community. Sharon Fehr and Dr. Karina Hoensbroech, vice chair, share their perspectives on the community in Münster and express their hopes for the future.

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Title: Jewish life today
Subtitle: From the life of the community in Münster
Year of release: 2020
A production of the University of Münster’s FilmLAB. In collaboration with the Jewish community of Münster. Supported by the University of Münster’s Innovation Office. At the suggestion of Expedition Münsterland (EMSL – a project of the Innovation Office).

Editing and direction: Lynn Bürger, Axel Linnenberg
Production management: Olaf Glaser
Camera: Johannes Hölker
Cutting: Paulina Peschken