New beginning & change – 1945 until today

The episode is dedicated to the community’s recent past following the Shoa.

Ruth Frankenthal experienced the new beginning in Münster as a child. She tells of how the Goldenberg couple offered Jewish people refuge in the Marks-Haindorf Foundation, and of how the new synagogue was built in the 1960s. In the early 1990s, Jewish migrants from the former Soviet Union came to Münster, and the community grew again. Dr. Karina Hoensbroech, head of the social office and deputy chair, talks about the opportunities and challenges that this posed to the community.

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Title: Jewish life today
Subtitle: From the life of the community in Münster
Year of release: 2020
A production of the University of Münster’s FilmLAB. In collaboration with the Jewish community of Münster. Supported by the University of Münster’s Innovation Office. At the suggestion of Expedition Münsterland (EMSL – a project of the Innovation Office).

Editing and direction: Lynn Bürger, Axel Linnenberg
Production management: Olaf Glaser
Camera: Johannes Hölker
Cutting: Paulina Peschken