Hatikvah – Young people in the community

The episode provides insights into working with children and young people in the 

The youth leader Makss Golubs talks about the youth centre Hatikvah and his motivation to be involved in it. Galina Lipkina suggests creative and artistic activities for children, and talks about this form of engagement with Jewish culture. Religious education classes are held regularly in the community. The episode contains excerpts from lessons in the upper secondary school, and Tamara Guggenheim, the religious studies teacher, tells about the teaching of Jewish values.

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Title: Jewish life today
Subtitle: From the life of the community in Münster
Year of release: 2020
A production of the University of Münster’s FilmLAB. In collaboration with the Jewish community of Münster. Supported by the University of Münster’s Innovation Office. At the suggestion of Expedition Münsterland (EMSL – a project of the Innovation Office).

Editing and direction: Lynn Bürger, Axel Linnenberg
Production management: Olaf Glaser
Camera: Johannes Hölker
Cutting: Paulina Peschken